DATE : September 5th - September 27th 2015


ARTIST : Izumonster, Joseph Harmon, KIKKAKE TOY, Martin Ontiveros, Miscreation Toys, RESTORE, PicoPico, T9G, Uamou




there is no right or wrong in a fight;

both are equally punished.

The beauty of believing one another and cooperating.

Love and Peace.

The Start of the Universe


The start of the Universe,

“A” and “Un” is a set… they depict the start and the end of all creations.

You cannot dance the Tango alone.

Love and Peace.

The End of the Universe



The End of the Universe,


“A” and “Un” is a set… they depict the start and the end of all creations.


You cannot dance the Tango alone.


Love and Peace.

Black Death Meat


Black Death Meat

Force depends on how it is used.

Can deterrent force bring peace to the world?

Love and Peace.

Total Atomic Meltdown : neo-kaiju and other strange creations


DATE:Mar 8th - Apr 4th 2014


PLACE:The Clutter Gallery



Blurble,Brent Nolasco, Candie Bolton,Cop A Squat Toys,

D-LuX,Frank Mysterio,Grumble Toy, Guumon,

InstincToys,Josh Herbolsheimer, LiLjapan, Maneki Nekro,

Mark Nagata of Max Toy Company,

Michael Nordstrom(of Garamania),Mr. Krotpong,

Nebulon5, PlaSeeBo,RESTORE,Splurrt,Sunguts,

Uamou, Velocitron, and Yakimon.

Creature aesthetic appearance

any works with fearful features and image.
Such are based on the Buddhist philosophy that the mortal world is self torment and to want something is foul passion
In Japan, it is thought that the ultimate of wanting something is lust, and such energy is thought to be something negative in the Japanese Mind.

However, in the modern world, it is thought that balance is important, and that  you do not have to deny everything.
Also, tracing back human history,
to materialize the non-material spiritual body and to be able to visualize it, was thought to be a act of striving for the truth (Idea). Seeking for the truth (Idea) is an unique human value and such values lies in the base of ideology and philosophy.
It is considered to be more beautiful as one becomes closer to Idea (nature=the ultimate form of the spiritual body)
Whether if the two ideologies originated from one or if they were different from the beginning, is unknown. But in modern day Japan, you can say that the two ideologies are mixed, as seen in sculptural works.
When you conclude that truth is the human spirituality that continues to desire (or rather more, bottomless lust), the appearance may be as beautiful as it may be ugly.
Thus, it may be said that true beauty exists in repulsiveness.

Ritual elements

RESTORE often uses ritual elements.

Ritual is a dogma that strongly recognizes the relationship of the material world

and the spiritual world.
Torii (Entrance to Japanese Shrines), Ofuda, Church are factors

that amplifies the image of the spiritual world.

When feel RESTORE univers from ritual element,
some kind of the idea or feel beauty.


In the Western Ideology where “Theory of Ideas” is the basis of physical beauty,

penny was thought to be as a part of the physical beauty.
It is also the symbol of energy in Japan and many other parts of the world such as India

and African countries.
It may be said that penny is a symbol that combines both beauty and energy.


 “Penigram” is a coined term containing the concept of penny (penis) and anagram.
Energy, designed by god.
Ultimate energy or true energy that is insoluble by humankind.



Simple yet sophisticated, using unique painting technique,

Advance Penigram is a neo-futuristic design that you have never seen!




 Pandemic Penigram pursues the image of sealing the enraged, uncontrollable energy.
The numerous “Ofuda” (Sealing Charm Paper) and pennies gives strong presence

and a sense of chaos.
Coming with 86 movable parts.



Quietly dominating everything in the infinite energy;the strange coloring

and the positioning of the pennies make Infinity Penigram a transcendental masterpiece.



The pursuit of world pseudo in pursuit of artificial God.
I finished the coloring with the uncomfortable feeling like a natural color.